Garrison Asset Management (GAM) has a rich history starting in 2000. Under the name of IBTC (International Bank and Trust Company), GAM became a distributor of mutual funds throughout Micronesia. In the late 1990’s, GAM’s founder, Gar Urette, was working in Micronesia as the President of National Development Bank of the Republic of Palau. While with the Bank, it became clear that the local population’s investment options were limited to certificates of deposits and saving accounts. The returns on these options were a fraction of what was being realized in comparison to standard mutual funds. This disparity in return on savings was a major factor in the wealth disparity between developing regions like Micronesia and the United States. In order to help shrink this disparity, IBTC started distributing mutual funds from companies like Fidelity, AIM, MFS and Federated.

Today, these services have expanded greatly beyond mutual fund distribution in Micronesia.  With the addition of Fidelity’s Wealth Management Services, Morningstar Office and Bond Trader Pro, clients receive a full range of portfolio management services for 401-K plans, corporations, trusts, retirement accounts and individuals

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