Our Story

Our story begins on a remote Pacific Island in Micronesia where, after almost a decade of working with Wall St. firms managing a billion dollars in bonds, Gar Urette accepted a life changing position as the President of the National Development Bank of the Republic of Palau.

Arriving in Palau in the late 1990s, he was surprised to find that the local population had no access to traditional investments.  CDs and savings accounts through local banks were their only investment options.  Mr. Urette saw how much this limited the local populace’s ability to grow wealth, save for retirement, create capital to start a business or fund a college education for their children.  In short, the lack of investment options limited the development of the Country and its people.  To correct this, Gar started Garrison Asset Management (GAM) to provide an opportunity to access basic diversified mutual funds from some of the largest US based mutual fund companies.

Today GAM’s services have expanded greatly beyond mutual fund distribution in Micronesia.   GAM expanded to provide investment management on a fee-only basis according to the fiduciary standard set by the CFA Institute.  Utilizing Fidelity’s Wealth Central, MorningStar Office and Bond Trader Pro, GAM now provides a full range of portfolio management services for 401K plans, corporations, trusts, retirement accounts, families and individuals.

History of GAMinc