Garrison Urette, CFA

Garrison Urette, CFA

Portfolio Management

Specializing in Fixed Income

Fidelity Investments

Welcome to Garrison Asset Management

Welcome.  We are a fee-only, no-commission Registered Investment Advisor headquartered in Tampa, Florida serving clients nationwide, as far as Alaska and Hawaii.  We provide investment management services according to fiduciary standards set by the CFA Institute with no hidden fees. 

Our mission statement: “Do right for the clients and their portfolio(s) will grow”. We believe that as our clients’ portfolio grows, so will Garrison Asset Management. We offer our clients the option to engage in a Financial Planning relationship in the manner they deem most appropriate. 

People who call us typically have some of the following issues:

  • They found that firms who “do it all,” don’t necessarily do it all that well.  Our specialty is investment management and only investment management.   
  • They are tired of financial jargon.  We provide straight talk and simple solutions.  
  • They are wondering if there are any professionals who understand that living a fulfilling life is helped by money, but is about much more than money. 
  • They are frustrated with putting off ambitions and dreams because their adviser has never asked what they’re investing for. 
Asset Management
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Years of Financial Experience

Chartered Financial Analyst,
CFA Designation

Background and qualification information is available at FINRA’s BrokerCheck website.

Qualifying Exams Passed:

Series 7

Series 65

Series 66

Licenses Earned:

 Variable Annuity Agent

 Variable Life Agent

 Life Insurance Agent

 Property and Casualty Agent

 Mortgage Broker

 Real Estate Broker

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